I saw this balloon this morning on my way to walk the dogs. I only had my iPhone, so once I cropped the picture it became a little grainy. I went ahead and cropped it in my phone, then went through 100 Cameras in 1 to get this affect. Going to have to start taking my little camera with me in the mornings too because never know what I will want to take a picture of that I need to zoom in on.

The balloon was out because it is the start of balloon season here in the Albuquerque area. Usually there are more out than just a few by this time of year, being as the festival is next month. Must be the weather we have had and it was so hot so late this year before all the rain.

I have a picture of me and my uncle at one of the very first festivals. Back when it was in a dirt lot and there was room to walk around. Now it is a big international affair. We have tried going for a few years now, but seems that we always get weathered out. It is such a bummer.


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