The only time I have not had a dog in the house was when I was a Flight Attendant and living in Chicago. I can’t imagine not having one around. My dog is not much of a giving of love dog though. She is a very nervous dog. Still sweet as can be.

She is so afraid of the vets office that she starts shaking the minute we pull up to a building and park. Shaking so bad she could make things move. (She also hates fireworks and other really loud noises. When the roof of my townhouse, and then the ones on either sides, was replaced she hid in my closest the whole time.) In this one we are only at the eye doggy doctor but she was still very nervous.

kelsey vet

Oh how they love the snow.

Snow Day Kelsey

This is one of my mom’s two dogs. She loves the snow even more. She also LOVES water. She was also bred to be a show dog so she is short, but stocky. Also a little over weight and a lot of extra skin. If we go on too long of walk, she overheats. She is trying to dig herself to China to cool off.


And just because, may or may not be pictures I took, but in loving memory…


Kota was really good about letting you put things on her and not taking them off right away. These three dogs were all sisters. My mom had gotten Kota from a breeder down the street after she and my brother had taken the other dog they still had for a walk. She was a gorgeous lab. Had to have both back hips replaced due to how aggressively she played tag. When the breeders had another litter my brother decided he wanted a dog for himself to be able to take with him when he moved to live with me for school. He picked out the female with the largest paws. She ended up being rather tall and was about 120 pounds in her later years. But not fat fat. She is the one in the front in the picture of the three. Ryeley. Tosh, back right, was probably the runt of the litter. The best dog my mom has ever had in temperament. She couldn’t jump into a car, onto a bed. She had to be helped. She was mild, loving and would sit with her head in your lap. I think she was the peace keeper. She didn’t like to chase the ball, was always content to stay at your side. My dog was very sad after losing her buddies, both within a year. And she still isn’t sure about the replacements. In fact she was so freaked out about Kaci coming to live with her grandparents, that she is now permanently on high blood pressure medicine. 


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