My cousin’s daughter turned 5 on Wednesday so they came up so we could go to the zoo today. I tried to get some awesome pictures but the animals weren’t feeling too show-offy today or were still a little in the winter sleepy mode. Except for the polar bears. They were playing a show off game, we are bad, look at us but stay away. I wish we had seen them swimming.
polar bears
















The first exhibit in the ABQ Zoo is the flamingos. I always love seeing them because they are so beautiful and vibrant colored, but boy do they smell.
3-19 zoo













Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

















A dang cute animal that I forgot to see what it was called… (it was confirmed for me, it is an Aussie wombat)
zoo animal

I followed this peacock for a little while trying to capture his vibrant colors but he eluded me. Then when we went to the elephants he was just sitting there.

Another beautiful bird that I didn’t get the name of because the vultures were all on top of the cage and I was afraid they would use the bathroom.
zoo bird


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One thought on “ABQ Zoo

  1. It looks like a wonderful day! Sometimes the animals aren’t cooperative, are they? My favorite is the polar bears, and my son wants to know what that “dang cute animal” is! Your square crop on the flamingo shot really emphasizes the reflection – great job! Thanks so much for participating in Exploring with a Camera.


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