Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here are my takes on this week’s scavenger hunt with Ashley Sisk. Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Vanishing Point
vanishing point3
I tried several different shots for this one but when I was going through my shots from the little park, I knew this was the one. Mr. B is climbing up a tube slide.

2. Square Crop
I already posted my square crops for Kat and I also already posted this picture, but I like this one. It makes me laugh but I don’t think I should post why.

3. Under
Parked under I40 (on a quiet street with no traffic).

4. “Welcome to the (orange) Jungle”
The perfect jungle gym, all that orange called to me. Living Every Moment’s theme for today was orange. So the monkey got to play around on the orange jungle gym for a bit.


5. Calm
Also a square crop, that I posted with Kat, but I took this picture for the calm effect. It had been really windy the day before so when I went out without the wind blowing I drove straight to the car dealership that has this huge flag. Though there was a bit of wind on the other side of the street, this flag lay still in the calm air.


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18 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. jungle gyms are always fun “mommy playgrounds” with cameras that is!! =) our kids are almost done with jungle gyms… makes me wish I had taken more pics when they really loved them!! =) You have a brave little monkey!!


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