Monday Rewind with Chic Homeschool Mama

Yesterday I entered a new photo challenge by Ashley Sisk, Scavenger Hunt Sunday. In the process I found some new photography blogs. One of which is Chic Homeschool Mama. Gina hosts a Monday Rewind party where you can post your favorite pictures of the past week that you didn’t enter in any challenges. Ooh, yea. I like that one.

Here are my other faves from last week:

March 1, 2011

There is this road going through the west side of Albuquerque that is one of the original streets. There are old, Spanish style houses, really big houses, grand estates, you can find almost any style house. Pastures. Livestock. Maybe even a buffalo. I was on the hunt for this house that has a giant lizard worked into the stucco. I drove past this sign and made a metal note to stop on my way back. As I got back in the car to drive off, I realized this sign was outside the house with the giant lizard wall. I will go back and take a picture of that another day.















This shot was taken the same day as my fill in the blank sunset picture. This more accurately represents the New Mexico sunsets I was talking about, but there still isn’t as much color as I have seen on a really windy day.  DSC_0047

Same day as above. We were leaving baseball practice and I knew I needed a picture. That is the base of the Sandia Mountains with a view of the sky facing away from the setting sun.DSC_0038


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