Phone Photo Challenge

I know I already posted 10 random pictures today but those were taken with my Nikon d90. I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips has a weekly photo challenge, that has to include a human face, and this week the challenge was phone photos. I just so happened to have this picture I took over the weekend on my iPhone4. I tried several times to get my niece, but the light coming in from the windows behind her were causing an issue. Finally I took the picture without HDR (or maybe with, I am not sure what it even is) and got this (I used the vignette in black on Picnik to smooth out the edges). The fact I got her face like this was just luck.



I also had this picture that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enter instead (I took it in the rear view mirror and cropped it in the iPhone Photoshop app.)February 21, 2011


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