Achieving Bokeh

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you that celebrate it. My mom got a yummy ice cream cake from BR. I had actually just told her she didn’t need to get those for my birthday any more because they hadn’t been that good but they changed things up on this one.

I have recently discovered Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures, I believe through iheartfaces. Tracy gives some great photography tips. Not that I understand them all. It was suggested I check out the Dummies book for my camera.

Tracy is having a Bokeh party and I think I have some pictures that fulfill Bokeh. She explains what Bokeh is as well.

I have shared this picture before, but apparently I achieved Bokeh without even trying (see how the flowers pop because the background is all blurry?). It’s too bad I don’t know how I did it. January 15, 2011

Today my son gave me some pink carnations. I played around trying to achieve Bokeh here and I think I might have done okay.


I also used some editing in Picnik to achieve Bokeh on this picture. 006

Bokeh Linky Party


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