Softness of Granny Smith Apple

This picture came in perfect for so many challenges. Over at Beyond Layers we were to play around with framing photos. In this one I used Kim’s Taped Edge. Her theme for today’s Texture Tuesday is Soft. I think the softness of this flower (and the bokeh in the bachground) is gorgeous. I also needContinue reading “Softness of Granny Smith Apple”

Sweet Pink Tones Tuesday

Ah, I love photographing pink. Especially last week for Kim’s Beyond Layers prompt. Or Xanthe’s prompt that is. Also went to Old Town on Sunday and took a lot of pictures. Just a few to share today. Textured with Kim Klassen‘s Flourish and Grunged Up 2. Then I adjusted the Hue and Saturation bringing outContinue reading “Sweet Pink Tones Tuesday”

Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday

Crossed Now I finally know where those cool glass insulators come from. I was surprised to see some still used on a few of the telephone poles, maybe because it was on the reservation. There were more switched out for industrial looking ones than the glass, but a few still on some of the poles.Continue reading “Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday”