Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11/3

Dress Up

dress upMoe wanted to be Loki more than anything. And daddy had to be Thor. My sister-in-law did a pretty good job. Just look at those horns.


candyI had made cupcakes bake in September for Mr B’s soccer game for his birthday. The game was cancelled. So I froze the cupcakes and made these mummy cake balls, using a candy corn buttercream I had made.




spooky5My parents’ neighbor always sets up a spooky courtyard on Halloween. Complete with mummies, dummies and him hiding amongst these creatures. Many a scream has been heard from this porch, not knowing there is a living man amongst the dummies waiting to scare everyone. This was a new addition to his decorating.


orange2They had Moe’s birthday party a week early. Mr B had decided he loves this hat. But even more is the orange nose disguise. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this picture upload on the computer.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


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3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11/3

  1. LOVE your orange shot! It is too funny!

    Your sister in law did a great job with the costume! The horns are really cool.

    Your cake pops are adorable too. What a great idea to save the cupcakes for this!


    1. Great way to not have to throw away cupcakes that might not be quite eatable too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving the kind words. I thought that was too perfect a shot for orange. ๐Ÿ™‚


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