Week 2 of 2012

Day 8: my prompt for Wild Strawberry at Project 64 was this bottle, textured with Kim Klassen textures and a Kim brush for the dream. Day 9: My prompt for A Dozen with last week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk, also textured with Kim Klassen's Embrace texture for her Texture Tuesday prompt. Day10: An …

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Stacked Up Winter Wonderland Hasn't snowed here since the week of Christmas except on the mountains. I thought this was perfect, snowy mountains in the background and a line of bare trees. Sweet Hole Frozen Still some frozen snow in the backyard from the snow storm before Christmas.

A Trip to Corrales

I went to take some pictures at the used bike store but I also saw some other things to photograph while driving down the road. Another picture to add to my Entries collection. The gate was actually hung like that, not the way I took the picture. After much different cropping and editing, I loved …

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

~~Linking to: Scavenger Hunt Sunday~~ One Color (Wild Strawberry) ~~Linking to: Project 64~~ Laundry Empty ~~Linking to: Observing Beauty and Show Off Your Shot and Shoot.Edit.Submit~~ One Dozen ~~Linking to: Texture Tuesdays with Kim Klassen. Used her texture Embrace for the edit of this shot, at Soft Light 100%~~ Soft

Week 1 2012

I have acquired a Mac. I am having to learn it all over again, and haven't had time to blog. Plus, I am making sure I am taking a picture a day. I will get it down eventually. This is, however, the first time I have blogged on WordPress without Live Writer. I don't like …

Where’d the Leaves Go?

  1. Cropped the picture to exclude anything past the tree. 2. Added Kim’s texture Wet Tile at Overlay 73% 3. Added Kim’s texture Cool Grunge at Multiply 38% 4. The “watermark” is Paint the Moon’s horizontal Do Not Copy, personalized.