Serendipitous Saturday

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The mass accession of the balloons was scheduled at 7am (last Saturday is when they only hovered and never really left the balloon fiesta park).

I walked the dogs at almost 8am. My old girl has a torn ACL and can’t walk that far, so I had turned around to take her home. It was decided I needed to grab my camera when I dropped her moonThese are some of the only yellow trees in the area right now. Mesquites I think. After taking this pictures I continued on with the other dogs and saw that the balloons had headed our way for the first time this week. How lucky was I. red balloonOnly bad thing about the balloons going up so early and where I live relative to the balloons ascending is that the sun is right behind the balloons. The sky was pretty cloudy today still as well. Lower in the “valley” where they ascend, it also looked a little fogyish. I hurried the doggies home and rushed my son out the door so we could go get a closer look. I realized it was close enough in time to his appointment for his flu mist so I went back inside and changed. Came rushing back out to find a balloon right over the golf course.usa balloon

We drove over and parked sort of in the same place I went and parked last week. You could tell already it was a nicer balloon morning than last week, there were people everywhere. Watching, where I was the only one out last Saturday (a nicer day but I guess there was more wind down in the park and they couldn’t ascend). The balloons were a lot closer today, but I still need that telephoto lens. Hopefully by next year.balloons in skyAs you can see here, there are still a lot of green trees. I would have thought with all the rain we would be more into fall this year, but by the end of the month it should have crept up on us. We stood there for a few, taking it all in. I took about 40 pictures. Then the balloon we had been watching get closer and closer decided to land. (Sadly, there were phone wires in the way of my shot, and that happens too often. I edited them out from the sky but couldn’t remove them from the balloon section without distorting the balloon.)yellow balloonWe moved on and took care of breakfast and the flu mist. Then I went back and got another shot of the Cosmos flowers. I had seen this mailbox on my way to park but decided to go back for it. I loved the mailbox pole as well as the flowers I have decided I love. I can’t wait to plant my own.mailbox

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64 Shades of Color: Apricot

apricotI am tired this week. I average over 20,000 steps a day just at work. And that’s on hard concrete. I feel I have aged 5 years in the last 6 months. Ughh. So as soon as I get into my house I need to seriously look for another job. (Shh, don’t tell anyone I said that!) My feet HURT. I don’t mean like they feel asleep, or sore like I was on them all day. They really hurt. And I can’t explain the feeling. For about 6 weeks now. I got different shoes. Then I did the Dr Scholl’s foot tester at Walmart and got different insoles. Both keep me from having to limp or turn my feet to the sides when walking but I don’t sit down at work except at lunch. So now they just always hurt. The point of my whiny babble is that I didn’t do well finding apricot until today. And it was right there on my parent’s street (just farther up than I usually drive). But it was rather gloomy today and the picture didn’t really show the true apricot it really is. apricot2There it is anyway. I also took a shot of a scarecrow of mine my mom put on her front porch. I found this cutie at Hobby Lobby several years ago, in need of repair. I just fixed her base and glued some more things on her to cover up the flaws. apricot1

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Dirty Hands and Tired Eyes

fave boysJust an ordinary moment in the household. Older cousin playing XBox and younger cousin watching. They say he likes to watch. I actually think it’s Moe’s cutest moments, just watching. No talking back. Just in peace. Of course these are my 2 favorite boys (even if they drive me nuts sometimes).

These are a few of my (current) favorite things:

  • My boy
  • My niece and nephew
  • The color aqua, teal, turquoise…it depends on the shade, more of a subtle one though, not too bright
  • Revenge (the TV show)
  • Finishing a DIY
  • Nicholas Sparks’ books (all of them)
  • DIY magazines
  • Imagining how I am going to “fix up” my new (to me) house

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Little by Little

Around the House

day 8I would love to say I made this for my mom, but I think her neighbor made it. Do you see the “owl” face in the feathers? The two silver eyes and the pumpkin nose. The spider would be crawling up its body. Maybe a stretch on eyes for the one challenge I am linking up to, but I am sticking with it.

Does your neighborhood have a BOO tradition? My mom gets BOOed every year by the same neighbor that always starts it. Then you have to BOO two other neighbors. Leaving a gift and a BOO sign for them to hang near the front door so everyone else knows they got BOOed already. And other than everyone (I think) knowing who starts the neighbor going, the whole thing is anonymous. My mom actually even beat the neighbor to it one year and BOOed her first. It’s a cute tradition. I had never heard of it before they lived here.

It was a bit of a gloomy day today. Even a little bit of moisture. Not an outdoor picture taking day. Leaving me with not much to say. Add that and I am a little bummed at a so called friend from work. I just don’t get why I always end up friends with people that aren’t the same kind of friend back. Bah humbug.

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Blissful Sweetness

biscoffHave you ever eaten Biscoff cookies? They serve them on Delta flights. We used to serve them at ATA too but I never really knew what they were. I had never heard that they were cookies you could buy or that they now made a spread. Not until I came across a recipe on Pinterest one day. I L O V E this stuff. It is a maze ing. I like to eat it on apple slices. Or with pretzel thins. Sometimes straight off of the spoon. (I keep taking small licks off that spoon as I type this.) I decided to try the crunchy this last time. That was some really good buttercream. I have used this wonderful ingredient in this banana nut bread recipe. And tried the same recipe again as loaves instead of muffins. I preferred the muffins. I also used the streusel on top of a Nutella Banana Bread. Yummy. I have a whole board devoted to Biscoff recipes on Pinterest and can’t wait to get my mixer back unpacked in my own kitchen and try these out. (I have never tried the Trader Joe’s version because it is on the other side of Albuquerque and Biscoff can be found at World Market, the bigger Target and Albertson’s.)

It’s funny how I came to photograph this today. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about. I decided to look which parties to link to today and one is the Happiness Project. I got to thinking about one thing I could find in the house that makes me happy and Biscoff was there. Again, yum!

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A Little Progress

soft glow

When I went to a park yesterday to find leaves to photograph, I saw some of these again. I love how the wild grass sort of glows around the picture.

Today I am not really here to talk about my picture. More the life menu I created a few years ago. It is quite a list, I am sure it has 100 items. That was what was suggested. Or maybe once I started listing things, I couldn’t stop. This summer I have completed several items though. I finished my Wheels, Grills and Headlights series. I am only a few photos away from completing my Entries series, or Bienvenido I call it. I entered 3 of my photos in the state fair, thanks to a friend from work telling me about it. This was way out of my comfort zone, actually taking them there and entering them. I even prepared them for exhibit. I also posted my photos for sale on SmugMug and upgraded my account on ViewBug, entering in at least 1 competition a week. So all in all, I have been taking more pictures this summer.

I like to go back and look at my list every so often. Think about what I need to do to make more of it happen. Funny how much of it takes money, and when I wrote the list I was unemployed. But I still dream that I can complete this list in my lifetime. I will, someday, rent that RV and travel around the country for a year. Taking pictures, blogging about it and doing all the things I can in the US from my list. My 40th is fast approaching. I need to figure out the 40 gifts I am going to pass out. I will be broke by then so there won’t be any money to be spent on this. I take suggestions.

Which brings me to the fact of why I will be broke. I am buying another house. I say another because my original house (my 3rd purchase) was sold as a Real Estate Contract. The house is theirs in all accounts except that I still hold the mortgage. If they were to not buy the house outright in 5 years, the house would become entirely mine again. To go through sale, again. But I need to not continue living in my parents’ house. It isn’t good for me or my son. They aren’t that kind of parents. Rent is way to high here. So I found a house really close to my son’s school. He will easily be able to get himself to school. It needs new carpet in the bedrooms, and some roof patching to move in (and cleaning of course), then I am in for an adventure making it pretty and me. I can’t wait to start sharing that adventure with everyone. I am becoming even more of a DIYer, except I have major limitations that I am going to have to get around and need lots of help from my dad and brother. I am so excited, and a little scared. This is the first time I will be fixing elements of a house. I don’t plan on moving anytime in the near future. This house is it for me. But I also need a way to make a little cash here and there, for my DIY projects. So I could use all your thoughts and suggestions here on how to profit on the web. Or selling your photos at craft fairs. Or anything that will help me out. I am pretty crafty.

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Shine the Divine

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

AutumnautumnBeing as the leaves are pretty green still you might wonder if this is really autumn. Here in the Albuquerque area, the Balloon Fiesta represents that autumn is really here (and has since 1972). I realize taking photos yesterday morning, I could use a telephoto lens. I would have loved to have better close ups. Hopefully I can rent one for next weekend. This reminds me of a picture I have of me and my uncle at one of the fiestas in the 70s. It started with only 13 balloons and used to be in a dirt lot. Now it all starts from the Balloon Fiesta park, with tons of vendors and thousands of people and hundreds of balloons.

Leavesleaves(The) BootbootsMy mom and I went to the Balloon Fiesta Arts and Crafts Festival. I never buy anything at that one, but I like to walk around and see everything. I would have gotten one of these figures in a heart beat had I had money to spare. They were awesome. (I actually took a picture of a ladies boots, but) I couldn’t pass up how funny this was, the thing giving the flamingo the boot. There were ones with two holding a garden gnome and and all sorts of coolness, that weren’t as “violent” as this one.

Hot Beveragehot bevReally it’s just hot water, but no one drank anything in my mom’s new mugs today. So I warmed up some water and had my little man wrap his little hands around the pretty new mug. My mom was going to buy me a bigger one at the festival but I wanted the green they were sold out of. Now seeing how pretty it looks, I should have let her get me the blue. I could have gotten the second one.

GamegameI started off taking pictures at my son’s soccer game. I shared one yesterday. But towards the end of the game these men started showing up for their flag football game. Can’t pass that up.

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Soccer Dude

brendan soccerIs it a bird? A plane? Nah, it’s a soccer ball. They must have kicked it pretty high. I took this shot right before a dust storm blew through the field behind us. Someone didn’t have their shade tent staked down and it took out one of the goals. Good thing the kid wasn’t hurt or even hit.

Are you a soccer mom? Luckily I only have the one kid. But we do occasionally go watch my niece and nephew’s games as well. Saturdays are usually full when you also add in a family lunch. Today was quiet. We just went to Mr B’s game. I love this time of year when there is a little breeze so it isn’t too hot. And it isn’t cold yet. Although the sun was right on us and a little warm. I think my ear got sunburned.

Mr. B says he wants to play soccer professionally. I hate to admit this but even though he is a really good player, the boy is lazy. He won’t practice any more than he has to and I don’t see him playing even all the way through high school. I really hope that he proves me wrong. He has tried baseball and basketball and last year he started track and field, which really helped his soccer game. Soccer is what he is good at. He could be a really good player if he would really commit himself. Here’s hoping.

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64 Shades of Color: Lavender

I am glad you came to join me party up some color. Like I said before, I loved following along with the ladies that did the out of the box challenge. My party is really no different because I ended up using the same size box of Crayons. Don’t forget to grab a button from my sidebar if you choose to join along. Tell your friends how much fun it is to find color to photograph. Add your photo to the linky below, can be posted on your blog or Flickr. I will post a new color every Friday and you will have until the following Thursday to link up. Thanks for coming to the party.

Week 1 of 64 Shades of Color: Lavender::lavender

What I found:my lavender

Today is also Day 3 in the 31 day challenge. I am not sure what these flowers are called, they almost grow wild. But I really like them. I even envision them in my new backyard. A backyard that is way to big for me to completely landscape but it isn’t at all landscaped. It also has 3 different types of fences, depending on the neighbor. I hate the chain link. I want to build some trellises and put these spaced along that chain link fence and plant honeysuckle in front of the trellises. The flowers in my picture would be perfect to put between the trellises. They would be so pretty along the length of the fence, all by themsevles. I can see it now. A little patch of grass. A raised up deck, to take up space and not have to landscape. Flowers to hide the chain link and only a little bit of gravel needed for the rest. Of course this is all a some day plan because I have to take care of some things inside the house first. And as I don’t make a lot of money, all of this is on a very small budget. Oh the life of a single mom with a crappy job. My double degree education has failed me. I have digressed but a story it is, even so. Here are 2 other shots with the same flowers, the one on the right being a nursery.lavender 2lavender3

Join the party with the little froggy.

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Sunny Girl

techno meelah

Day 2 of the writing challenge.

I was messing around at my nephew’s soccer game one Saturday. The sun was really warm, even in September. They had had to move all the games scheduled in that town due to a Girl Scout camp out and my nephew’s was moved to a baseball field that looked like it hadn’t been played on in months. They couldn’t even mow the grass. Poor boys has a heck of a time kicking that ball around. There were some cool things in the background I had already taken the opportunity to shoot. There was even a little girl in a tutu and tennis shoes that I so tried to capture running around, but I needed a bigger lens. For some reason I loved the look of these sunglasses on my niece. But I did not love the noise of her shirt. She has also taken to not liking to brush her hair, they have let it get so long. So I played around with some different edits. I love how this one came out. You can still see the color of the sunglasses, and the bling. And I love how the sunshine on her hair really “glows” in this edit. And just the little peak of a smile. She really likes this one too. I think I might have to print it on canvas for her for a Christmas present.

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